We Can Help Aggressive Dogs

At Big Friendly Dog Training we know that even the most difficult behavioral issues can be overcome using our proven method. A dog with aggression can be a scary thing. On one extreme they may lunge at other dogs or people and on the other it can seem that the dog is just moody or annoyed with certain things, maybe growling or showing its teeth. Either way, both are equally dangerous due to their unpredictability and risk to other dogs and people.

We have seen too many dog owners who were forced to consider giving up their dogs because of an outburst of aggression. This isn’t the only option! We can help you and your dog work through this rough patch. One of Big Friendly Dog Training’s biggest goals is to show people that any dog is capable of change. Aggression is just an obstacle to be overcome.

All dogs can be helped with our Oklahoma City dog training programs!Our approach to training aggressive dogs is to come into the home environment to get a complete picture of your dog’s living situation. Although the aggression may not occur in the home, this is often where great steps can be made to eliminating aggression through discovering the root causes of your dog’s behavior. We learn the details of your lives together and design a custom training plan for you because no dog and owner’s situation is the same.

We’re often not the first trainer that our clients enlist to work with their dog. This is especially true in the case of dogs suffering from aggression. Our goal throughout our aggressive dog training program is to be the last trainer our clients ever need by teaching them to become the trainers themselves. We give you the tools to address the situations that are going to arise and an education that allows you to work through whatever comes your way.

We don’t offer a set number of lessons. Instead our training is commitment-based, so our relationship doesn’t end until all of the goals we establish with you are attained. Another aspect of our training is that it’s rewards-based, meaning we teach your dog how to make the right choices and that the right choices will lead to reward. We don’t teach any dominant-theory methods that insist on breaking your dog down in order for them to obey. Our philosophy relies on establishing boundaries, making it clear to your dog what’s expected of them, and being consistent.

An aggressive dog is not a lost cause! Give Big Friendly Dog Training a call at 405.493.6490 and our experienced behavioral specialists can listen to your situation and explain more about how our training works. You can also drop us a line using our contact form.

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