Why Does Your Dog Behave Like This? 

When you call our Oklahoma City dog trainer to inquire about OKC dog training services, you will first speak to our office staff that will address all your questions and then connect you with our trainer for an initial in-home consultation. The consultation is a behavior assessment where our trainer can meet you and your dog in their familiar environment, and where our trainer can witness first-hand any of the behavioral issues your dog may be struggling with. This allows our trainer to see the dog’s behavior and interaction with the family, and gives our trainer a better understanding on what the dynamic is and what could be causing a lot of the behavioral issues.

Professional OKC Dog Training programs by Big Friendly Dog TrainingMany owners who call us are perplexed with their dog’s behaviors, not understanding how to address it, or why it occurs in the first place. Many troubled rescue dogs that are adopted are often thought to have a past life full of abuse and neglect. While this may be the case for some dogs, not all rescue dogs were horribly mistreated. Some may not have received the proper socialization they needed as a puppy. Some may have never been walked on the leash before in their young life. Some may have had too much freedom with no boundaries, and so the dog’s careless behavior seems normal and acceptable to the dog. Our Oklahoma City dog trainer has worked with dogs that were adopted at eight weeks old, and have similar issues that a wild rescue dog may have.

Often the question on our clients’ minds is not only “how do we fix these issues?”, but also, “WHY do these issues exist?” Particularly with dogs that may have severe anxiety or aggression problems, their owners want to know why they behave so anxiously and aggressively. Depending on the dog it can be linked back to prior mistreatment. It might be linked to the stressful environment of an animal shelter, where socialization is often limited and uncontrollable, and the routines are inconsistent and sparse. It’s good to know the WHY as it can make managing and addressing the behaviors easier and controllable, where we might be able to identify triggers and predict the behaviors more.

Knowing WHY is important but many owners will cling to the unknown past of their dog, rather than focusing on the dog’s present day and future. The past shapes the present and future, but owners must take control NOW to figure out what their dog’s WHY is and to overcome the behavior problems. Owners must also examine themselves to see how much they are contributing to their dog’s WHY. While a dog may have had a hard life before adoption, owners may be unintentionally reinforcing the inappropriate behaviors through coddling, lack of boundaries, and zero leadership on their part.

Our Oklahoma City dog training is about finding the WHY but more importantly, moving forward in a positive direction with the owner and dog. Our training is about showing owners how to appropriately set their dog up for success, while also setting up reasonable boundaries and guiding their dog to better behaviors. It’s not about coddling bad behaviors, but it’s not about harsh dominance training to instill fear and distrust. If your dog has fear or trust issues, we will work on restoring confidence and a healthy, trusting relationship between you and your dog. If your dog is just out of control with aggressive and/or hyperactive problems, we’ll bring structure where your dog can drain their energy, be productive and successful, while also following your direction. Owners will learn to be leaders, not followers of their dogs…dogs look to owners for leadership, and that is how a successful owner-relationship is achieved!

We can find your dog’s WHY and help you tackle any behavioral issues your dog may be demonstrating. Call us at 405.493.6490, or write us using our contact form.

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