Potty Training – It’s Not That Difficult

Potty Training is one of the most common things we get called about here at Big Friendly Dog Training. Whether clients have a brand new puppy or older dog, any dog can struggle from housebreaking issues. It can be frustrating for both the dog and the owner.

potty trainingWhen it comes to addressing and correcting potty training issues there are many factors that come into play. Here are a few of the common things that HELP get a dog housebroken:

  • Crate Training
  • Food Schedule
  • Potty Schedule
  • Marking the Behavior
  • Limit Free Roaming

All of this comes into play because it helps set the dog up for success! When you limit free roaming, how can a dog go to the bathroom in the house? Also a consistent feeding and pottying schedule helps create structure for the dog.

Dogs love and thrive in a routine, creating that only helps, and let’s not forget marking and rewarding the behavior! Use a word when the dog does go to the bathroom so they begin to learn when you say that word that means use the bathroom. Most importantly REWARD the good behavior! This doesn’t always mean just hand them a treat, make a BIG deal every time they use the bathroom outside, dog’s live to please so when they know they have done good, they only want to do it more!

Remember, to properly housebreak a dog it takes time and patience. You may have some set backs, after all NO ONE is perfect, but don’t give up. Dogs are extremely smart creatures and as long as you are doing the right things so they understand what you want, they will get it.

If you are struggling with housebreaking, give us a call and we can help get you and your dog on the path to success with our customizable in-home dog training programs.

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