What Is Reward-based Training?

Big Friendly Dog Training uses an approach that was created to set both you and your dog up for success. Rewards-based dog training is not training that relies exclusively on rewards. Instead, our training emphasizes teaching your dog to make the right choices, so that they are set up to be rewarded.

Oklahoma City dog training programs for the whole family!Our Oklahoma City dog trainer conducts in-home training sessions to observe your dog’s interactions with you and their environment. It’s in these places and situations that your dog is making the wrong choices, so this is where we begin. Training that does not directly address a dog’s behavioral issues will often be unsuccessful because it falls apart once carried into the home. Our training begins in the dog’s home environment and we gradually move outside of the home once the dog has learned the basics of their new thinking system.

Our philosophy is not at all attached to the dominance-theory approaches that teach that a dog must be dominated to behave. We teach you how to guide your dog into making the right choices, which alleviates behavioral problems and leads to a happy relationship. Our highly effective, 27 year old dog training program teaches your dog how to think differently. It doesn’t simply put a band-aid on some of their bad behaviors. For some of our clients we are not the first dog trainer they’ve tried. Our goal is to teach you how to become the dog trainer yourself so that we’re the last and only dog trainer you’ll need.

Our Oklahoma City Dog Trainer can help dogs with aggression and dogs that suffer from anxieties like separation anxiety or hyperactivity. We also offer puppy training, and training for dogs whose owners are expecting a new baby. If you’re not sure where your dog would fit in terms of these categories, give us a call at 405.493.6490 and you’ll get the opportunity to talk with one of our behavioral specialists who can listen to your story and explain how our training can work for you. You can also email us using our contact form. Let’s get started teaching your dog to make the right choices! Your happy, harmonious days with your dog are just around the corner. Give Big Friendly Dog Training a call!


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