We Train Dogs AND Their Owners!

Here at Big Friendly Dog Training, we work to establish a key bond between you and your dog through training – a bond that will last for years to come, but its hard work getting your dog to the behavioral foundation that you’d like. Having an experienced trainer on site can be the key to success and let you know if you’re heading in the right direction; for instance, giving the right commands, establishing good leash training behavior, or identifying key behavioral issues before they get serious. But we don’t think that training happens solely for the dog.

Training for Owners is Very Important

Big Friendly Dog Training OKC is for both dogs and their owners. Training a dog is a long and involved process that requires you to change your thinking and the ways in which you pay attention. When you’re in tune with the process, it’ll be easier to train a dog out of a bad behavior or add a new skill to their repertoire. For training, consistency is key, which means that you want to address any learning with the same set of commands, on a schedule your dog is familiar with.

Big Friendly Dog Training is happy to assess the right training program for you and your dog. We’ll counsel you every step of the way to make sure you’re in the loop with the training and let you have lots of hands-on time with your dog. This way, the dog learns directly from you – not from a trainer they don’t know, which solidifies you as the leader of the household and adds continuity to their training experience. Call us today for an in-person consultation with our experienced trainer, who will meet with you and your dog to address concerns and goals for your training.

Don’t tackle training alone – give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions, no matter how experienced you are with dogs.


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