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If you’re looking for the best Oklahoma City dog training, look no further than Big Friendly Dog Training! We’re a professional dog training company that believes in consistency, commitment, and compassion for our clients and their dogs. We specialize in resolving canine behavior problems, rather than managing it, and we will work with any case!

Our offices can be reached through out toll free number at 405.493.6490. You will speak to our fantastic office staff who will help place you in the appropriate training program that is most suited to your needs and training goals. You are also welcome to shoot us an e-mail using the form below! We’re excited to hear from you and help you with your dog(s)!

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Training that is Proven to Work!

Our Oklahoma City dog trainer has had success in puppy training, behavior modification and instilling basic obedience, and eliminating aggressive behavior. For Big Friendly Dog Training, no issue is too much, and we will not turn your dog away due to breed, age, size, or temperament!

If you’re still concerned that your dog maybe hopeless when it comes to training, then talk to us first. We will never suggest rehoming or euthanizing your dog for behavior issues, and we’ll commit to you and your dog until we achieve the results we need! Whether it is potty training, hyperactivity, general skittishness, separation anxiety, or aggressive biting, Big Friendly Dog Training is ready to give you and your dog a chance for a happy, behaviorally healthy life together!

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