In-Home Dog Training

Oklahoma City In-Home Dog Training

The BEST In-home Training in the area!

Oklahoma City Dog Training is thrilled to offer in-home dog training to the area. Our in-home training programs can address ANY canine behavioral issues, be it mild or severe.

Why Us?

When it comes to teaching our dogs, it is important to give them choices, showing them how rewarding being a well-behaved dog can be. Our expectations must be communicated consistently, and most importantly, owners must be confident and capable leaders that can guide their dogs to success. What makes in-home training so valuable is that it can achieve all of this, where owners are involved in their dog’s progress, and advance themselves as both a pet parent and a leader for their dog.

In-home dog training is not solely limited to the house, meaning that your dog isn’t going to be completely isolated from the real world and all it’s many distractions. We start at home to set those distractions aside, that way your dog can concentrate better and succeed quicker! However, we bring those triggers and certain stimuli back, once your dog is ready to face them! This makes the training smoother and builds more confidence in your dog!

In-home is one of the most successful approaches of training

It is hands-on and owners get to learn how to be skilled handlers of their dog. It allows one-on-one time with the dog, and our trainer is always there to demonstrate, assist, and address any questions or concerns the owner may have regarding the training. Best of all, the in-home training will allow the owner to become more familiarized with the training and being able to successfully integrate into their regular schedules, rather than letting it interrupt their normal lives.

In-home training is personal, it can be private, and it gets results! All our Oklahoma City dog training programs are in-home, and they all include distraction training, both in the house and outside of it. We work with your dog, but we also work with you and your family, so that the training remains consistent and everyone can be successful. 

Now Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to sign your dog up for a lifetime of behavioral success? Consider one of our in-home dog training programs — we have puppy training, basic obedience, behavior modification, aggressive dog training, and even a brand new expecting parents training program! Call us at 405.493.6490 and we’ll discuss your dog’s case and find the best training program that will cover all your needs and goals!

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