Aggressive Dog Training

Oklahoma City Aggressive Dog Training & Rehabilitation 

No dog is beyond hope!

An aggressive dog can be a ticking time bomb. Depending on the severity, aggression can land a dog back into a shelter or even sent to animal control for euthanasia. It’s a frightening issue and many people believe that an aggressive dog is doomed. It’s like the saying goes, “once they’ve tasted blood…”, but in actuality, aggression is a behavioral problem that can be treated through behavioral training.

Big Friendly Dog Training created an aggressive dog training program because aggression is quite a common problem. There are many degrees of aggression, and sometimes it can be mild or very serious. Does your dog lunge and bark ferociously at other people when you’re taking him for a walk? That’s a sign of aggression, and while you may be preventing a bite because your dog is on the leash, what would happen if your dog got loose? 

Aggression Issues? We Can Help!

Maybe your dog has a biting history and he’s on strike two, where one more instance could mean a death sentence and your family is broken apart. Our main goal in dog training, and especially with aggressive dog training, is to keep the dogs in their forever homes with their families. Behavior problems is the number one reason why dogs are in shelters (either not being adopted or being sent back), and whether it’s for not being housebroken or for being aggressive, we want to work with these challenging dogs and help them find behavioral balance.

If your dog is exhibiting signs of aggression, it is important to address it immediately

We don’t want to wait for it to escalate into an uncontrollable level. Aggression is a tough issue, but it doesn’t mean your dog is beyond hope. Our professional Oklahoma City dog trainer has taken pride in their reputation for being able to rehabilitate some of the most aggressive dogs in the area! Through the aggressive dog training program, we’ll work toward eliminating the aggression by attacking the root cause of it, which can be anything from fear, protectiveness, etc.

If your dog shows any of the following types of aggression, contact us and we’ll enroll you in our aggression rehabilitation program. We’re not here to just make your dog’s aggression more manageable…we want to completely combat it and remove it from you and your dog’s life!

  • Dog aggression
  • Human aggression
  • Food aggression/resource guarding
  • Sibling aggression
  • Leash aggression
  • Fear aggression
  • Child/baby aggression
  • Cat aggression/prey drive
  • Territorial aggression
  • Toy aggression

If your dog is experiencing a form of aggression not listed here, call us anyway and we’ll see if we can help! We do not back down from aggression cases, and are ready to help your dog overcome this behavioral issue, and give both you and your dog the peaceful lives you deserve!

Learn More & Get Started Today!

To learn more or sign up for our Oklahoma City aggressive dog training program, call 405.493.6490 to schedule our initial consultation, or send your questions and relevant information through e-mail.

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