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Customized Training Based on Your Dog’s Behavior Needs

Big Friendly Dog Training OKC provides different dog training programs that help just about ANY dog from ANY particular background suffering from ANY behavioral problem. We commit to our job and our clients, even the ones with the most challenging dogs! Our in-home obedience and behavior modification is a great start for a dog (of any age!) and can address existing mild issues. We also work with serious behavior problems, such as anxiety and aggression. Whether you have a puppy that needs the basics, and or a neighborhood Cujo that is terrorizing your home, we can help!

How Can We Help?

What makes Big Friendly Dog Training stand out is that we design a training plan based on the individual dog and owner. All of our training programs are there to resolve behavior issues or prevent them from developing in the first place! We begin in-home so that your dog can begin with the most comfort, and with the least amount of distractions. This allows your dog to focus better, and more likely start off with success! Once we lay the structural foundation and allow you and your dog acclimate to the training lifestyle, then we reintroduce distractions and problem-causing stimuli AFTER you and your dog are more equipped to overcome them together!

Training Dogs, AND Their People

More importantly, our Oklahoma City Dog Trainer will work with your dog, and YOU! The dog’s success is relies heavily on the owner’s ability to teach their dog, and consistently communicate with them. Not only will you become a leader and skilled handler of your dog, but the training will cement the bond between you and your dog, as you progress and find behavioral harmony together!

Personalized Training Programs

Before beginning any training, Big Friendly Dog Training wants to get to know you and your dog a little better! We’ll set up an initial in-home consultation so we can get a better understanding on your dog’s problems, lifestyle, and general interactions with the world, both in and outside the house. Through this, we’ll openly discuss with you what we can do to target your specific issues and needs, and to achieve the results that you want! Our training plans are not cookie-cutter…they’re customized to you and your dog!

Get in Touch

If you and your dog are struggling with some problematic behaviors, we can help you find the best training program and success. To schedule your in-home consultation or to talk to us about your dog, call us at 405.493.6490, or write us using our contact form.

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